Trimming trees can be a pain, in more ways than one.

Some good advice so you won’t get hurt.

Getting ready to trim the trees in the backyard and what do you know my ladder is not as long as I thought it was.

I can get to some of the branches with my 6 foot A shaped ladder. I will climb up to the top of the ladder and grab a branch and then pull the branch down to a helper on the ground and then the helper can hold it down while I cut all of the upper most branches with a clipper. (not a chainsaw)

This works well for trimming trees that are like medium height. I got most of the trees trimmed this way without too much trouble.

Ok I have to warn you about using an extension ladder propped up on a branch, this is kind of dangerous and if your going to use an extension ladder to trim trees in the backyard you need to know this…

Make sure you have 3 feet more ladder above the branch you are leaning your ladder on. Because if you trim the branch your ladder is on, the branch will all of the sudden spring upward due to the fact that it’s not holding up all the weight it used to hold. It could spring up enough to go past the end of your ladder if you’re not aware this is going to happen and set your ladder too low. So be careful.

Now for the tougher trees. We have 7 or 8 trees in the backyard that are very tall, I’d say they are about 35 feet tall, but I’m just guessing. Some of the trees we are just going to cut down completely so I’m going to have to hire a tree service to cut the trees because it’s just too dangerous for me to do it.

Spring Projects Just Make You Feel Good

Home improvement for the laymen’s soul or something like that.

If you’re thinking about doing home improvement in the next few months your in for a treat. Most home improvement stores and lumberyards are going to have the best sales of the year. Spring is the best time to get started with your favorite projects. Whether it’s landscaping, planting trees or shrubs, maybe a new deck or water feature in the yard or if your thinking more of an interior renovation like painting or remodeling a kitchen or remodeling a bathroom.

What’s fun is the possibilities are endless and you can really get to the point of falling down the rabbit hole. We love home improvement and love to get caught up in the fun of it. We love going to Lowe’s or home depot and just spending hours and hours looking for new ideas and spending a lot of money on our home improvement projects. I love to go to Lowe’s and spend $600 or $700, it just makes me feel good and it does for most people. People love to spend money and if you spend it on your house, you should get that money back when you sell so it’s more like an investment and that tends to make it easier to pull out that wallet.

One of the best things I ever did to my house was build a fence around the back yard to let my dogs roam free. I build a fence around a yard that I didn’t’ think was very big, but the fence ended up being 300 linear feet. It took me 11 full days working on it to complete. Mostly did it myself but did have some help here and there. I rented a fence pole auger to drill holes in the ground because there where so many, so I needed someone to hold one end of the auger.

On anther day I had someone help me build a retaining wall that helped the fence have a stable place to sit on a slope that was a little too steep for fence building. We made it out of railroad ties that we drilled holes in and hammered pieces of rebar through to hold the railroad ties together. What a fun project that was, I really had a great time building that little wall. It was L shaped and had 3 little steps on one end, it was really cool.

My advice, get out there and enjoy the landscaping as soon as it starts to warm up. I will clear your mind and you’ll have a great time doing it.

Tip: You must be careful with the post hole digger. I had was using a manual post hole digger to clean out the bottom of the holes after we had drilled them with the power auger and I caught the edge of the hole with the blade and my head went right into the handles on the tool and the handle went right into my eye. Wow did I see sparks. (and I thought those sparks on cartoons where just made up!)